How to read the weather on the Kcci Weather Radar

How to interpret the weather for your location?

If you’ve been to a Kcci show and are thinking of visiting Peoria, you might be able to spot a storm.

The store has a weather radar that shows the radar’s location based on the wind direction and speed of the wind.

In this video, the radar shows that a storm is brewing in the Chicago area.

(2:37)”Kcci is in the heart of Chicago, and if you’re a Chicago-area resident, you should see some stormy weather at the show,” Kincksi said.

“It’s very rare to see a weather forecast like this for a major city like Chicago.

It’s one of those things that just seems like a very, very rare thing that happens.”

The weather forecast is based on data from the National Weather Service, which tracks storms on the ground.

Kinckis forecasts are also subject to changes in the weather, like wind speed, which can cause them to change.

The weather radar is a part of the store’s mobile app, but Kincklis said it will not display weather forecasts on the store itself.

Instead, it will show the location and direction of the weather.

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