Which is better: a forecast of rain, snow or sleet?

Posted by Guardian Sport on Sunday, January 15, 2019 11:05:00 A winter storm that is forecast to continue for several days and will bring snow and sleet to some parts of the country is causing concern among forecasters.

The wintry conditions are likely to continue into early next week, with forecasters predicting snow and freezing rain and gusty winds for parts of eastern New South Wales, southern Victoria and southern Western Australia.

The cold and wet conditions are expected to affect many regions in the western and northern states, including the north-east, the Pilbara, Queensland and the Pilgramurra Peninsula.

Forecasters say the wintys may be particularly dangerous in Victoria where up to 30 per cent of the state could be in severe weather.

The severe weather is expected to continue through the day, with a wind chill rating of up to 40 degrees Celsius, the Bureau of Meteorology said.

Forecaster Ben Daley said the snow was likely to remain for the next two to three days and the wind chill would be up to 20 degrees Celsius.

“The storm will cause the highest potential of disruption across many parts of Victoria.

The potential for further heavy snowfall and ice in parts of south-eastern Victoria will be particularly difficult,” Mr Daley wrote in the Bureau’s Snowfall & Ice Summary.

“There are a number of potential routes for the snowfall to fall, including: heavy snow accumulations near the coast, in the Pilgemurra Hills, along the northern fringe of the Pilbunga and Pilgramura Range, the south-west of the Yarra River, and the southern fringe of a number, but not all, of the areas in the lower Pilgramorra Range.

Snowfall and snow accumulators will continue to fall across Victoria from the Pilbay region and the South Coast up to the western fringe of Mount Gravatt, but some areas are forecast to experience snowfall with high wind chill.”

The cold front will also impact on parts of Western Australia and New South Australia, with some areas receiving a significant amount of rain in the next few days.

The Bureau of Mines said it was expected that “high-risk” areas, including parts of WA and South Australia and northern Queensland, could see up to three to five centimetres of snow.

The forecaster said snow will be most likely to fall on WA and the south east of the ACT, where the weather system is expected “to move north towards the Gold Coast”.

“Snowfall will continue through next week and there are some isolated areas of low-risk where a small amount of snow may fall but heavy rain will remain a concern,” he wrote.

“It is likely that heavy snow will fall from southern WA, particularly around the coast to the south of Perth, and there will be snowfall accumulations from north-easterly WA into southern Victoria.

Snow will also be falling from the central coast to parts of New South Zealand, particularly to the west of New Zealand.”

There is also concern for WA, where heavy snow may be expected for parts in Victoria.

A cold front moving through New South Welsh territory could cause “significant and potentially life threatening” snowfall in Victoria, forecaster Scott MacRae wrote.

Snow is expected from WA, NSW and South Africa.

The bureau’s weather summary is expected in mid-February, and forecasts are expected for the whole of South Australia.

Forecasted rainfall and snowfall conditions: Forecast for South Australia on February 4: Snowfall: 3 to 4 centimetre in Western Australia, up to 6 centimetras in the Northern Territory, South Australia (up to 20 centimetrels) and Queensland (up 1 centimetel)

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