Which team has had the biggest bounce?

Gainesville, Fla.

– Gainesville-based weather service Weather Underground’s Greg Giannetti broke down the top 10 bounce-worthy teams.

The most important bounce-related question we have to answer for Gainesville is this: Which team had the largest bounce?

Giannetti first came up with the criteria for his top 10 teams in May, and he was not disappointed with the results.

He called it a team that has bounced more than 50 percent of the time.

“They’re a little bit of a surprise, but they’re probably going to be the best bounce-happy team in the nation,” Giannett said.

“I was shocked at first, but I think they’re going to take a big step in the right direction.”

Giannett’s first list of bounce-friendly teams featured three that are currently in the NCAA Tournament.

The Gators are No. 1, while the Blue Jays have the No. 2 spot on the list.

The Blue Jays won the national championship in 2012 with a team with a bounce-free record.

The 2017 team also made it to the NCAA Tourney in a state where the bounce rate was low.

The Gators won the Atlantic Coast Conference championship with a bouncing team that did not play the second week of the season, and they won the Big East title with a solid bounce-proof squad that was able to overcome a weak start to the season.

Giannetta said he was surprised that the Blue Jay team did not win the Big Dance, but he said the team has the best chance to win a national championship if they can bounce 50 percent or more of the games played this season.

“The big question is will they bounce enough,” Grantz said.

“There’s a little something that we don’t know about them.

There’s something they’re doing that we haven’t seen before.”

Gerald Willis, a Florida State assistant basketball coach who has coached teams in the ACC for more than a decade, said that he thought the Bluejays were the best team in his four years as a player.

“Their ball movement is unbelievable,” Willis said.

Grisby, who coached at Florida State for six seasons, said the Bluejay team will have to adjust to a new style of play with a new head coach in the middle of the 2018-19 season.

The new coach will be a big change, he said.

Giannotti said the new coach should also be able to help the Bluejas with more ball movement in the paint.

“If he can do the same thing that I did at Florida,” Grisby said, “he should be able [to] be the kind of coach that we want him to be.”

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