How to fix the weather for Texans on Super Bowl weekend

The sun set over the Dallas skyline Monday night.

It was the last of two hours of sunshine for Texas and was the longest of the Super Bowls weekend.

Weather for Texans fans will change dramatically Sunday night.

The heat will reach a maximum of 97 degrees in Houston and the high is expected to reach 98 degrees.

Weather conditions will remain cooler than normal Sunday night and the highest temperatures of 100 degrees or more will occur Sunday night in Dallas.

Temperatures in Dallas will average around 98 degrees, but the humidity could reach 100 percent in the city.

The city is already in the middle of a dry winter and the rain will continue through Monday.

The National Weather Service has issued flash flooding warnings for portions of Houston, including Houston County, as the humidity in the area is expected reach 100%.

Heavy rains and tornadoes are possible throughout Texas on Sunday night, according to the Weather Service.

Temperaments vary from the hottest in Dallas to the coldest in Houston.

The highest temperatures Sunday night are expected to be in the Houston area and will reach highs of 85 degrees.

Temperamentally, Houston is expected be in a drought zone Sunday night with highs near 80 degrees.

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