When it comes to Savannah, there are some things you can count on

By: Mark Ritchie, CNNMoney EditorMark Ritchie is an associate editor at the Newsroom.

He’s also the author of The Best Money Can Buy: The Inside Story of the $20,000 Bond That Changed the World.

The next time you hear about how the economy is doing, you may have to ask yourself a few questions about how that is coming from.

First, there is no such thing as “good news” or “bad news” for an economy.

The news isn’t good or bad for the economy, but it does indicate how it’s doing.

When you hear “economic growth is strong,” you’re listening to the words of someone who knows more about the economy than the average economist, because he or she has more experience in analyzing the data.

So when you hear that the economy has recovered from the Great Recession and is now growing at an average of 5% a year, it’s probably because the economy had “good” news and “bad” news.

The economic recovery is real.

The economy has improved, but the story is different from that of “good-news” and “bads-news.”

You don’t have to believe that the recovery is “good,” because it’s not.

The good news is that there are plenty of people who want to buy into the recovery story, and they’re paying the price for it.

There are also plenty of “bad-news stories” for a country to consider, because those are the stories that are more likely to get you fired from a job, hurt your retirement plans, or even lead to a default on your home.

The good news about the economic recovery, as you know, is that it’s real.

And it’s happening, and we should all be thankful for it, because it means there are more jobs available for the millions of Americans who are struggling right now.

But there are also “good”-news stories that people are just as anxious to dismiss.

There are people who see this recovery as a great thing and don’t care whether the economy improves, because they are happy about the way things are.

There’s also a lot of people, especially among Republicans, who are scared that the economic data will tell them something about the strength of the economy.

So to get a better sense of what’s going on, let’s examine some of the “good and bad” stories.

Good news: The economy is expanding.

The economy has grown steadily since the beginning of the recession, with real gross domestic product (GDP) growing by 3.1% in the first quarter of this year.

This growth was largely driven by a 1.5% boost in exports, with the main reason being a surge in imports from China and other countries.

This has led to the most robust economic recovery since the Great Depression.

But the economic news is mixed.

There were some bright spots in the data, including the fastest growth in the U.S. since the mid-1980s, but a few key indicators have slipped in recent months.

The number of people working full time has fallen slightly, which is good news for those who have been working part time but are looking for more hours of work.

But as you can see from the chart below, the unemployment rate is still stubbornly high, with 5.9% in April and 6.3% in May.

It is good that the numbers are improving, but there are a few big caveats.

The overall pace of growth has slowed somewhat, but we still don’t see a return to a full recovery.

The unemployment rate will continue to be high because many people are not working, but even if that trend continues, it will likely be much lower than the historical average.

The other big story in the economy was a sharp increase in the unemployment benefit.

While it’s nice to see a pickup in the number of jobless Americans, the rate has stayed stubbornly elevated since the end of the Great Jobless Recovery, so it’s hard to see how we will see a real increase in jobs in the next several months.

That means the economy will continue slowing, but probably not to the level seen during the Great Crash.

Bad news: There is no cure for the Great Deal.

Many economists say that we need a “sustainable” growth strategy.

They argue that we can’t keep adding jobs in an economy that is so reliant on the job market, and if we want to avoid a repeat of the Depression, we need to change the way we invest in the future of our economy.

But for most of us, we already have a great deal of savings and other investments, and the growth we need is already there.

There’s a big difference between “sustainability” and a “business as usual” strategy.

Business as usual involves spending more and spending less.

But we already are spending way more and we’re spending way less than we should. The

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