Cincinnati weather: Temperature forecast for Monday

CINCINNATI (AP) Temperatures were expected to be in the 60s in parts of the city Sunday, and the forecasted temperature for Monday was expected to range from a low of 58 to a high of 71.

It’s still possible for a low around 70.

Weather officials are cautioning against traveling in the winter weather, which includes snow, sleet and rain, because the wind is expected to pick up and gusts could reach 75 mph.

“We’re just not seeing the weather that we’d like to see in the fall and winter,” said Tim Dufresne, spokesman for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

Temperatures could reach 50 or even 40 in the city of Cincinnati and parts of Cleveland, the most severe weather conditions for the city.

The forecast for Tuesday shows the average temperature could reach 42, with highs in the mid-40s.

Winds were forecast to be mostly from the southwest.

Temperts could reach 40 or lower on some days, especially on the Ohio River and in the Cincinnati area, Dufre said.

The temperature could also drop into the mid 50s on some mornings, Dua said.

“That’s just not the temperature that we want to have for fall,” he said.

In western Ohio, temperatures could reach 30 to 35, Duda said.

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