How to read the weather forecast for the East Coast ahead of the weekend


— The Baltimore-Washington metro area could get a late start Friday night as high temperatures could top 100 degrees and a wind chill of 10 degrees.

It’s the highest temperature the city has seen on the east coast this winter.

The high could be a harbinger of colder weather on the West Coast.

This time of year, winds are forecast to shift toward the Northeast and the midwest, with some to cross the Atlantic, according to the National Weather Service.

There will be a slight chance of showers, snow, and freezing rain on the East and West Coasts.

Forecasters expect the cold to last through the weekend, with the chance of snow falling between Thursday and Friday.

Here’s a look at the latest forecast from the National Center for Atmospheric Research: Here are the latest forecasts from other weather organizations: WeatherBell forecast: Forecast is for wind chill, 30 degrees, wind gusts around 40 mph, 10 mph or greater from the east to the west, with more snowfall. 

(WeatherBell is a service of WeatherBell.) 

WTOP forecast:  Wind chill to 40 degrees, 10-20 mph gusts from the northeast to the south. 

Fog at 10 feet. 

Tropical Storm Joaquin is forecast to make landfall Friday night and move into the area of the city between 1 p.m. and 6 p.y.m., according to WTOP.

(WTOP is a CBS affiliate in New York.) 

WeatherBell’s Storm Prediction Center said the wind chill could reach 40 degrees on Friday night, making it the coldest day of the year for the entire East Coast.

The wind chill will be lower in the northern part of the country and higher in the south, with temperatures expected to reach between 32 and 34 degrees. 

Forecasters said there was some snow in the forecast for parts of the northern and central states.

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