How to find the best time to buy a big bear in Milwaukee

It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

On January 1st, I was sitting in a car on the Milwaukee Freeway in the city of Milwaukee.

I was at home in California with my husband and two boys and was in the process of moving into my first apartment.

I wasn’t really thinking about it at the time.

A big bear had been on the loose and my two dogs were still playing in the back yard.

It was just an afternoon in Milwaukee.

My family, we were all sitting in the car.

I had my camera with me.

I snapped a photo of the bear and I had no idea what it was going to be.

I just knew it was coming.

I thought it was a toy bear, or maybe a bear cub.

I didn’t know it was an animal.

It wasn’t a big animal.

I don’t know how it escaped.

I remember walking out the door of my house and the bear just ran.

It came right at me.

The car just rolled over.

I saw it and it was just as big as the car and I just screamed, “Get out of my car!”

I went to the front of the car, and I started trying to help the bear.

I’m thinking, I’m not supposed to help.

I tried to hold it and try to get it away from me.

It just got stronger and stronger.

I held on, but I didn.

I got it in my hands.

I could see it was getting stronger and bigger and it got into my hand.

It grabbed my arm.

I yelled at it.

It screamed at me, “Go away, go away, I don.t care.

Get out of here!”

I was holding the bear by its ears.

I heard my son yelling.

“Get the f**k out of the way, get the f***k out!”

I tried telling him, “It’s a big boy.

Get the f****k out, get out of there!”

I couldn’t get him out of his car.

The bear came at me again and again, and again and I was saying, “Run!”

And I was yelling.

I kept saying, get away from the car!

I thought, God, I hope he doesn’t get hurt.

But it didn’t get away.

I started running, but it kept coming.

At some point, it was on top of me and I couldn.t move, I couldn?t get away and I kept yelling at it, “get out of this car!”

It was the most intense moment of my life.

It took me about a minute to realize it was not a bear.

It got up and just ran away.

That was when I got scared and I grabbed my camera and I snapped another photo of it.

I took another photo and I thought that was the last picture I took.

I looked at the clock and it had been about five minutes since I took the last photo.

I put the camera away.

Then, just as I was going down the freeway, I heard a scream.

I turned around and I saw a bear that was running right at my car.

It went right through the front bumper.

I threw my phone at the bear, but then the bear came up and started biting at me and trying to grab my face.

I screamed at the bears, “No, no, no.

Get off my car, get off my front bumper!”

The bear was still biting at my face, but at that moment, the bear was too much.

I couldn?!t move.

I grabbed the camera and started trying.

I wanted to grab the camera to help it, but the bear couldn?

t move.

The whole time, I just kept yelling, “I don?t care!

Get out!”

And the bear went off and it started running.

I called 911.

They called the sheriff and the Milwaukee County sheriff.

I also called the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

At first, they said that they couldn?ts have a bear, and that the bear probably escaped.

But then I called the Milwaukee Police Department and they confirmed that the car was damaged and that it was in their custody.

They sent an officer to my house to look at the damage.

They said they were able to trace the bear to the spot where I took that photo and they believe that the person who escaped the bear escaped that same area.

The other officers were there and they searched my house.

They also found a bear in my yard.

The officers then took my dogs and put them in the care of Animal Control and then put the bear in quarantine.

They have two dogs that are now under the care, and they are in quarantine for a couple of days.

The Milwaukee County Sheriff has been working with the Milwaukee Parks and Recreation Department to try to locate the bear that escaped the area.

If you know of anyone who

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