Charleston, SC: 5 deaths from COVID-19 in five hours

Charleston, South Carolina, March 3, 2019 — Charleston Mayor Steve Stenger announced Friday that there were five deaths from coronavirus related to the pandemic in five days, making it the second deadliest day in the city’s history.

The outbreak started last Thursday with a cluster of cases in downtown Charleston and has since spread to the surrounding counties and cities.

A total of 6,926 people have tested positive for coronaviruses in Charleston.

More than 1,000 people have died of COVID, with nearly 6,000 of those deaths being from the outbreak.

The disease is spread through contact with infected people.

On Thursday, a person died from COID-19 while caring for a dying patient, according to the Charleston County Health Department.

“We are doing everything we can to minimize the number of cases we are having, but it is a daily struggle,” Stenger said.

He said the virus has killed an estimated 30,000 Americans.

Stenger said he believes the outbreak is due to the fact that the Charleston area is a highly trafficked place.

This is a pandemic we are seeing with no end in sight.

It is an ongoing problem that is very real.

It has impacted our economy and it is impacting our health,” Stengers said.

Charleston has seen a significant increase in the number and number of people contracting the virus, with the city becoming one of the hardest hit states.

Charleston is experiencing an unprecedented number of coronaviral cases, with more than 200 people infected.

The city reported a new record for coronapies with 1,619.

In a statement, the city said the city is working closely with the CDC and the National Institutes of Health to identify ways to prevent the spread of COID.”

The city of Charleston has a strong history of collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the NIH and our State of Emergency Response Team is working with state and local partners to ensure the city has the resources needed to address this issue,” the statement said.

The CDC is urging residents to avoid travel to and from the area and to wear protective gear.

Read more about coronaviroids at USA Today.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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