Weather news roundup: ‘It is a beautiful day’: Rain showers forecast for Canada’s Prairies (PHOTOS)

The rain showers are forecast for the Prairies for Friday and Saturday, according to the weather service.

Weather experts say the rain will continue for the next two days, and may last up to eight hours. 

Rainfall will be a mix of low, medium and high temperatures, according the weather website. 

High temperatures will peak around 30 degrees Celsius, and will begin in early morning.

It is expected to be sunny and windy.

The temperature is forecast to drop to as low as 20 degrees Celsius by the afternoon. 

 This weekend: High pressure will continue to move across the Midwest and Northeast on Saturday.

It will move westward to the Gulf of Mexico and northward into western Canada, before forming a trough on the east coast of the U.S. The trough will move to the west at 1 p.m.

ET on Sunday.

It should continue to form on Monday and Tuesday. 

Friday will bring more rain to the Praises. 

It is expected that some areas will receive at least 10 inches of rain and some areas could receive as much as 30 inches. 

In the west, it will be raining for the day. 

Temperatures will peak between 50 and 70 degrees Celsius.

It’s expected that rain will begin by Monday evening and extend through to Friday night. 

 Saturday is expected in the Northeast. 

There will be some rain showers, especially along the coast. 

Weather service forecast High temperature: Friday and Saturday highs will be around 30-40 degrees Celsius The rain is forecast for Friday and Saturday Highs: It’s forecast that the rain is expected for Saturday Forecast: Rain showers will continue throughout the day Forecasting: A low pressure system is expected across the Northeast from the mid-Atlantic to the Appalachians, moving across Friday to Saturday. 

 The low will move eastward into eastern Canada and southward into northern Quebec. 

A trough is expected over the West Coast and Midwest on Sunday afternoon. 

Monday will bring the next showers. 

Forecasters expect it will continue until after the day’s end. 

Saturday will bring rain and gusty winds, along with some light rain. 

For the week: There are expected to continue to be high temperatures over the Praise for the rest of the week.

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