When it comes to Houston’s weather, “It’s all in your head”


— When you’re looking at the weather forecast, what are the main things that you’re worried about?

It’s weather.

And for the Houstonians that have been living in the city for a while, they’re worried.

“We live in Houston, but it’s really sunny in the spring and summer,” said John Houser.

Houston is also getting the first of its own super typhoon, and it’s not over yet.

Houser is an assistant professor of meteorology at the University of Houston.

The super typhoid is a type of tropical storm that can hit Houston in the middle of the day and stay in the area for weeks.

It has the capacity to do more damage than hurricanes.

People are not getting a full picture of the threat it poses, said Michael Schmaltz, the chief meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Austin, Texas.

He said there are many different things that are happening right now, and some of them are very different from what we had a few months ago.

When we had some of the heavy rain that we saw in May, there was a tornado warning that was issued, but there wasn’t any kind of warning of a hurricane threat.

But the super typhoons are just a different kind of storm.

They’re not quite as powerful as hurricanes, but they can have quite a lot of damage.

They are very dangerous, but you should be able to deal with them, Schmace said.

We have a lot more things going on than we did a few years ago, he added.

With the storm forecast now being in the forecast, the National Guard is ready to deploy in some areas to help.

Some local governments are looking to use local weather forecasters to help identify areas for evacuation.

They are not using local weather experts, however, because of the extreme weather conditions.

“It’s just not realistic for us to be doing that.

We just don’t have enough resources to do that, Schmitz said.

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