What the new weather looks like for New Delhi: Weather radar shows temperatures at record highs, rain and snow, stormy skies

The forecast for New York City and New Delhi looks a lot like it did last week.

But with a big difference.

The weather in New Delhi and New York is a lot less cloudy and drier than it was last week, but there is still a lot of rain and stormy conditions.

New Delhi, with an average of 14.1 degrees Celsius (37.6 degrees Fahrenheit) of rainfall, is still in the driest part of the country.

On Tuesday, it had an average temperature of 17.4 degrees Celsius.

That is a record low for the city and is higher than the average for any day in the past 10 years.

New York City is still the drier part of New York state with an overall average of 8.2 degrees Celsius of precipitation.

On Wednesday, it was 6.3 degrees Celsius and on Thursday, 6.4.

On Friday, New York will have its highest rainfall in a month at 4.5 inches (110 millimeters) of rain.

This is a 5.4 percent increase from last week’s 4.4 inches.

This week has also been the hottest of the year in New York.

The city is expecting more rain as the storm system moves in over the next few days.

The storm system will also bring snow and sleet.

There will be severe weather in the New York metro area and the Lower Hudson Valley and a number of towns and villages will be in the path of the storm.

There are two days of normal for New Yorkers.

They are expected to get into the cool side of the forecast on Friday and then get into a mix of sunny and windy conditions on Saturday.

On Sunday, there will be a mix in windy and sunny conditions.

On Monday, there is expected to be heavy rain and sleeting.

The city is also expecting rain and some snow for parts of the weekend.

There is a chance of snow on Monday, but the weather looks less likely for the rest of the week.

There will be some cloudy skies and some cloudiness.

Rain and snow is expected over parts of southern New York on Monday.

The cold front that was forecast to move over the weekend will weaken over New York by Tuesday.

On Tuesday, there are some rain and thunderstorms forecast for the region.

The storm system moving over the region on Tuesday is expected in the low 30s to the low 40s, according to the National Weather Service.

Winds are expected between 50 and 55 mph (80 to 90 kilometers per hour), with gusts of up to 80 mph (130 kilometers per h).

There are also several storm systems moving over New England and southern New Jersey, with winds of 60 to 70 mph (100 to 110 kilometers per, h).

A storm surge warning was issued for parts in western New York and New Jersey on Tuesday.

In some areas, water could rise to 6 feet (2 meters).

On Tuesday night, the storm surge advisory was lifted and the coast was expected to remain under a flood watch for the next day and a half.

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