Which state has the most rainfall in 2018?

The most frequent rainfall in California in 2018 was just 1.8 inches, which is below the state’s rainfall average of 5.1 inches, according to the state weather service.

This is down from the average of 6.2 inches in 2017 and 6.6 inches in 2016.

The most common precipitation was the 1.5 inches recorded in January 2018.

California, which has a population of 7.5 million, had the second-most rain in 2018 with 1.4 inches.

The state’s average rainfall in 2017 was 1.2.

The lowest was in April 2018 with a rainfall of just 1 inch.

The next-lowest was in December with just 1 inches.

The state’s top three cities to get most rainfall were San Francisco (5.2 feet), Los Angeles (4.7 feet) and Sacramento (4 feet).

The state was ranked the fourth-least-wet state in 2018 by the Weather Service.

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