What you need to know about Hurricane Matthew (and the upcoming Super Bowl)

Here are the most important things to know ahead of the upcoming hurricane season.

The storm is a Category 5 hurricane, which means it could cause some damage to homes and power grids and could cause severe weather.

The storm is forecast to make landfall in the northern Atlantic Ocean as a Category 4 hurricane, and then moves inland over the next couple of days, according to a National Hurricane Center (NHC) forecast.

The NHC says the storm will be a “strong hurricane,” meaning it will generate winds of at least 145 mph (295 kph), and have sustained winds of 130 mph (203 kph).

It will make landfall on Tuesday night in the eastern Atlantic Ocean, and will move northwestward, the NHC said.

The NHC has been keeping a close eye on the storm, but said it has been more “staying on the radar” than other tropical storms this season. 

The NCC predicts that Matthew will strengthen quickly to a Category 3 storm by Tuesday afternoon.

The hurricane will be the most powerful hurricane to hit the United States since 1998, when Hurricane Wilma devastated the country and killed more than 300,000 people. 

Hurricane Matthew will also be the first hurricane to affect Florida in over a century.

Florida already has been hit by hurricanes before this year, with two major storms hitting the state in the past decade. 

Matthew is expected to bring heavy rains, flooding, and coastal erosion in the southeastern United States, according the National Hurricane Centre. 

It’s the third major hurricane to strike Florida in recent weeks.

Hurricane Wilmar was last spotted in March and is forecast for landfall later in the week.

Hurricane Florence, a Category 1 hurricane that caused flooding in parts of western and central America, is also expected to hit Florida and the Caribbean on Tuesday. 

Folks are encouraged to plan for the possibility of tropical storms on Tuesday, especially during the first week of hurricane season, which begins Thursday.

The National Weather Service says a hurricane watch is required for the entire state of Florida.

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