How to protect your home from the weather — and your dog

Amarillo, Mexico — The weather is hot.

It’s humid.

And it’s hot.

The city of Amarilla is feeling it too.

Amarillo has been suffering from record heat in recent weeks, with temperatures reaching up to 90 degrees in some areas.

But with temperatures already hitting 120 degrees in the city, residents are feeling even more uncomfortable.

The humidity is already affecting their skin.

We’re having to wear masks, so we can breathe and not feel too hot, said Maria, who works at the supermarket.

The city of about 7.3 million residents has been under a severe heatwave since mid-August, when temperatures reached up to 100 degrees.

As of Wednesday, the city recorded more than 7,000 people reporting heat-related illnesses, including pneumonia, coronavirus, dengue fever and heat-induced diarrhea, according to the mayor.

Amarilla has been experiencing more than 100,000 cases of dengues, with more than 1,100 deaths.

In the past week, the mayor has called for an increase in public transit to combat the heat and the increased demand for hot meals.

But many residents say they have little choice but to remain indoors and take precautions.

“It’s really hard for me to stay indoors, because the city is so hot,” said Ammarillo resident Juan Carlos.

“But if I’m not able to, I have to go outside.”

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