Weather bureau downgraded forecast for Monday night as storm moves across Northeast

Weather bureau officials are warning that a powerful storm system is expected to move across the northeastern United States Sunday night and Monday morning.

A major storm surge is possible along the eastern seaboard of the country, with the heaviest rain likely to fall in the western part of the region, the National Weather Service said.

That would make for a potential flooding emergency, the weather service said.

Wind gusts up to 60 mph are possible in parts of Georgia, Maryland and Delaware, with gusts as high as 80 mph possible in Massachusetts and New York.

A tornado watch remains in effect for parts of North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia, the Weather Service says.

The weather service warns the threat of tornadoes will increase.

A tornadic watch is in effect in parts for eastern New York, western Pennsylvania, western New Jersey, southern Pennsylvania, northern New York and northern New Jersey.

A strong cold front is expected Sunday night along the Atlantic coast, with high winds and snowfall expected in the Northeast, forecasters said.

A cold front moves across the Atlantic Sunday night.

It’s expected to cross the Northeast Sunday morning and bring snow to parts of the Northeast and into Pennsylvania.

A severe weather advisory remains in place for the Northeast.

A large, powerful storm is expected Monday night in the Atlantic.

A cold front forms over the Northeast Monday night, but the cold front dissipates by early Tuesday morning.

A large storm moving into the Atlantic is possible.

A small storm is possible in New England and parts of eastern North Carolina.

A strong storm is likely in eastern North and eastern South Carolina.

A tropical storm warning remains in force for much of the eastern Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic and eastern Florida, the forecasters say.

A severe thunderstorm warning remains for much or all of Florida.

A storm is growing near the coast, and winds are expected to reach 120 mph.

A storm is developing near the coastal waters off the coast of Georgia.

A hurricane watch is active for the central and western parts of Louisiana, southern Mississippi and southern Alabama.

A wind gust of up to 70 mph is possible off the Texas coast Monday night.

The forecast does not extend far south of the coast.

A hurricane watch remains for the Gulf of Maine and western Atlantic Ocean.

A small storm may develop in the region late Monday.

A big storm is also possible in the Gulf.

A wind gust is possible as low as 60 mph.

A tornado watch is also in effect.

A dangerous situation remains for people in the coastal areas and coastal waters of Louisiana and Mississippi, where a storm is forecast to move through early Tuesday, forecaster Michael Hays said.

A tropical storm watch is expected in effect across much of southeastern Alabama and eastern Mississippi.

A weather watch for the southwest corridor of the central United States remains in the area.

A hazardous situation remains in northern Louisiana.

A heavy wind is possible, with winds of up 100 mph possible from southern Louisiana to northern Louisiana, with strong gusts of up 50 mph possible through the coast and parts and into southeastern Mississippi.

The storm system may also move inland into southeastern Louisiana and western Tennessee.

A warning remains active in western Alabama and northern Mississippi.

A major storm is moving into western Alabama through the Gulf, with potential for heavy rain.

A massive storm is forming over the western coast of Florida, with severe winds possible, the hurricane forecasters warn.

A threat of strong winds is expected for parts and winds of 60 mph possible.

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