Philadelphia weather: ‘Tough time’ for Philly as snow and sleet falls on weekend

PHILADELPHIA (Reuters) – Philadelphia’s winter weather conditions are being hit harder by the winter storm system that caused heavy snow and snowfall last weekend, with temperatures falling into the teens and highs dropping to freezing, a report said on Tuesday.

Temperatures were forecast to be in the teens in parts of the city on Tuesday, with a high of minus-15 C (minus-26 F) forecast in parts.

“Snow accumulation was high in parts, but it was also possible to have snow accumulations over 20 feet (6 meters),” the National Weather Service said in a statement.

Temps have fallen into the lower teens since Sunday, but they are expected to remain there, as the storm system continues to build, it said.

Tempe Mayor Kevin Kelley said the city was not going to be able to withstand the winter storms, but that the city’s infrastructure is working to mitigate the risks.

“It is very difficult to see a lot of damage.

We are not going out there without power, and that is a concern.

And it is a problem for people,” Kelley said.

A snowstorm in the city is a very dangerous situation, he said.

The weather system is expected to continue through the weekend, and could bring heavy snowfall, which could affect many parts of southern and central Pennsylvania, the weather service said.

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