‘Catch’ on CBA: ‘It is an incredibly exciting time to be a fan’

CBA boss Scott Barbour is optimistic that the boardroom is in good hands with a slate of blockbuster signings, including new president and chief executive officer Scott O’Neil and chief operating officer Peter Fitzpatrick, adding that he believes a good season will be rewarded for fans who come out to the arena.

Mr Barbour said the board was in “very good hands” and the new regime had done “everything they could to bring in new blood and to make sure that the people we were talking to as well as our existing employees were involved”.

“It is certainly an exciting time for us to be part of, we are very confident we will be in good shape and it is an incredible time to have been part of it,” he said.

Mr O’Neill and Mr Fitzpatrick have already been linked to a major deal to take over the football club from billionaire Steve Irwin, who sold the club to the billionaire John Abraham in 2003.

The board will also look at the future of the national cricket team, with Mr Barbour hopeful that the CBA would agree to a deal for the CPL to return to the Ashes series, in the hope of bringing back the team for the 2022-23 season.

“We will look at it, we will see if we can get something done,” he told Sky Sports.

“It would be great to have the CBL back.

It would be fantastic to have it in the Ashes, it would be wonderful to have that in the home and away series.

It is an extremely exciting time, we have a lot of work ahead of us, and it has been a very difficult year.”

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