How to avoid a cold start to the Stanley Cup Playoffs

Weeks ago, the NHL’s postseason picture looked pretty grim.

The New York Rangers were one game behind the Chicago Blackhawks for the second wild card in the East and were already looking pretty bad.

The Philadelphia Flyers were the last wild card team in the Western Conference, two games back of the Colorado Avalanche for the top spot.

But there was a glimmer of hope.

The Los Angeles Kings had a little bit of a chance to make the playoffs, but the Philadelphia Flyers could be there for the taking.

So, what can we expect from the rest of the conference?

The Flyers were one of the better teams in the NHL at preventing shots.

They led the league in shots on goal per game (2.19) and they led the League in shooting percentage (54.9%) and Fenwick% (71.5%).

The Flyers were a tough team to stop.

Their only goal was a goal by Jakub Voracek that tied the game at 2-2 in the second period.

They also outshot the Flyers 16-6 in the first period and led 2-1 in the third.

If the Flyers can find a way to get the puck up the ice and take advantage of some bad zone exits, they could have a real shot at making it back to the conference finals.

While the Rangers were a little slow on the draw, they did a good job of preventing the opposition from scoring.

They were a strong team that could get out and get out. 

The Kings were one team that didn’t do too well against the Rangers.

They allowed two goals on 19 shots, including a goal from Jared Spurgeon.

Their other two goals came from Brayden Schenn and Mike Richards. 

The Kings also struggled against the Flyers.

They lost 5-3 and 2-0. 

They were able to make some good stops but were outshot 9-4. 

If the Kings can hold their own on the puck, they have a chance at making the playoffs.

There were no surprises for the Flyers, who have been in the hunt for the last month.

They have the No. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference.

The Flyers have the third seed in both conferences.

The Rangers have the second seed in each.

It’s not out of the question that they could get to the Conference Finals.

But it’s certainly a long shot.

The Kings have a shot at the No, 3 seed.

The Blackhawks have a good shot at going back to their conference finals days and even the Flyers have a slight shot at it.

If the Flyers find a winning formula and if they can find some success in their zone exits the Kings will have the better chance of making it.

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