How to stay safe on a cold night in the US with a chillwave forecast

A chillwave is expected to form over the US on Friday evening, with temperatures likely to drop to about 3C in parts of the Midwest and Northeast.

A severe cold front is forecast to move through the region early on Friday morning, with the chance of snow and sleet forming along the East Coast, and the potential for a high in the low 20s and 30s.

The National Weather Service in the Midwest issued a snow advisory for the entire area.

“This is a cold front that is moving northward in the afternoon.

There’s a chance of the front hitting New York, but we’ll see how that plays out in the next couple of days,” the weather service said.

“This is not a typical cold front, this is a frontal system that will develop and then move northward over the area.”

“This will be a fairly severe cold snap in the metro area of New York City,” the meteorologist said.

“It will be the coldest it has been on record in New York in the last 100 years.

We’ll have a few showers and maybe a few inches of snow.”

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) warned that the storm will likely make landfall along the Gulf of Mexico from the Carolinas, the Florida Panhandle and the Mississippi River Valley.

While the weather warning is not as severe as the one issued in the wake of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, it is still considered extremely dangerous.

“The severe weather is still out there,” NOAA said.

In addition to the cold front being a potential threat, there is the chance the cold air will create a “seismic shock” that could result in catastrophic weather.

“This could lead to the building of large waves,” NOAA’s Tom Clements said.

In the wake a record low for February, the National Weather Services issued a second severe cold warning for the region.

“We have some really strong storms in the Atlantic right now,” Mr Clements told ABC News.

“There’s a potential for this to produce some really big waves in the upper end of the Atlantic Ocean and into the Caribbean and the Gulf Coast.”

I think this could be a big problem for the South Atlantic coast.

“The storm system is expected over the eastern and central parts of Florida and Georgia on Friday night.

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