How to tell the difference between a cold front and a hot one in Long Island

A new look at the weather in the area can help you better decide whether to buy a home or take a risk on a new one.

The forecast for Long Island will be better than normal Thursday as it continues to cool off from the summer storms that hit the region over the past week, according to the Weather Channel.

The low pressure system will continue to move east over the region, and it will move over the Long Island Sound, which is forecast to get more humid over the next week.

This week’s storm brought more rain, gusty winds and more extreme conditions.

The weather station forecast calls for “heavy rain and isolated thunderstorms to develop over parts of the Mid-Atlantic and New England,” the Weather News Service reported.

The low pressure, which has been active since Sunday, will bring some relief from the heavy rain and thunderstorms, which could cause flash flooding, but could also create some power outages and severe wind gusts.

There are also a lot of potential flash floods, the Weather Service said.

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