How the Madison tornado affected Oklahoma weather and the tornado forecast

As much as a fifth of the state is under a tornado watch, and the storm could be on track for a major impact if it does hit.

A severe thunderstorm watch for Oklahoma has been issued for the entire state, with severe thunderstorms likely, with possible tornadoes in the area.

The storm is located about 45km west of Madison in the state of Oklahoma, about 50km west from Oklahoma City.

Tornado watch in the USOklahoma has a strong tornadic system that is currently moving north, moving up the Gulf Coast of the United States and into the Midwest.

Tropical cyclones and tornadoes are not uncommon, but are rare in the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates.

Typhoon Kukulcan has made landfall in the UAE, bringing winds of 185km/h (110mph) and flooding conditions in the Red Sea.

The US has had a number of tornadoes since May, with several more in the works.

A record number of tornado watches were issued in August and September, and more than 80,000 tornadoes have been recorded worldwide.

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