How to Weathercast the Storm Ahead

We’ve all seen it: a big storm, no matter how big or how small, that’s too big to pass through, but too small to pass by the coast.

This is often accompanied by thunderstorms.

When it comes to the weather forecast for the weekend of November 15-17, the outlook for the Great Lakes region is pretty clear.

As the Atlantic continues to cool, so does the East Coast.

The storm system is expected to hit the Great Plains on Friday night, bringing heavy rain and wind to the Midwest and Northeast.

On Saturday morning, the storm system should bring some moderate wind gusts in the high 30s to 50 mph.

By early evening, the storms will weaken as they begin to head inland, but it’s unclear when this storm will pass through.

The storm will bring severe thunderstorms to much of the Midwest on Sunday morning and Monday morning, and the heavy rain will eventually bring heavy winds to the Northeast and the Southeast.

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