Which Vegas weather is right for this weekend?

Vegas is getting a bit warmer as the day gets closer.

That’s a good thing for all of us as the temperatures are hitting about 70 degrees in some parts.

Weather.com and the Weather Channel both have live forecast for the metro area on Sunday and Monday.

It’s a great time to be out and about and to have fun.

In fact, there are many options for getting out and enjoying the sun in Las Vegas.

Some of the more popular spots for sun-seeking include:Sunrise in VegasSunset in VegasHotel rooms for a dayOutdoor activities at the beachThe Palms at MGM GrandHotel room rentalsFor a quick trip to the airport, you can check out our guide to Las Vegas airport.

The weather for Sunday and the weekend of Monday is expected to be much cooler and sunny than last weekend.

Temperatures are expected to stay below 40 degrees, and we should see sunny skies and sunny days in the metro region on Sunday.

That is great news for tourists who want to enjoy the sun.

The city will see about 5 percent less total precipitation than last week, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

That will be a good sign for tourism.

There will also be a lot of light snow and ice for the weekend, and you may want to avoid driving during the snow.

If you plan on taking the subway or bus on Sunday, make sure to be prepared with a coat and helmet.

It will be very cold on the bus and the subway, and the weather will be quite icy for the rest of the trip.

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