Which is the most important weather feature? – WGN Weather

WGN has been testing its weather app for some time now, but this year the app is also looking to get some serious exposure on mobile devices.

The app’s most recent update brings an overhauled design, a new UI, and a couple of new weather features.

It’s currently available in the App Store and Google Play for Android, but the company also plans to release a new version for iOS and the web soon.

The first weather feature introduced in the app’s latest update is called Weather in a Day, which lets you choose which days have weather conditions you want to see.

If you want more information about specific conditions, you can also see a list of all the conditions listed in the Weather app.

The other weather feature we noticed this update brought is the Weather Bar, which displays the current temperature and wind conditions for a specific location.

It looks like it’s a lot easier to see the temperature of the ground or a nearby building, as there’s now a button on the top right corner of the Weather bar to show a map of that location.

There’s also a new Weather icon in the top left of the screen, which is the icon you’ll see when you open the Weather apps in the future.

We can’t say we’ve tested the new icon, but we did see the app showing the weather icon when we used it in an earlier version of the app.

It’s not all good news for users of the WGN app.

A few features have been missing from previous versions, and the app has also seen some serious bugs in recent updates.

It may be that the Wgn app is struggling to catch up with the iPhone’s app ecosystem, and users may want to keep their eye on other weather apps to see if the company will continue to support its older versions.WGN Weather is available for both iOS and Android in the Google Play store and Google Store for Android.

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