When you’re the first to get a forecast of the coming storm

It’s one of those moments where you just can’t get enough of, “Oh my God, I have a forecast,” and “Oh, I need to be prepared,” and you know that you’re going to be getting an early start.

It’s like, “Wow, I don’t want to be late.

I don.t want to miss my train.

I want to go to work.”

And you have to be ready.

It happens all the time, and it’s so much easier to be in a position of comfort when you’re on the train than you are on the bus.

So I’m not even going to try to explain how it happens.

I just want to make sure you get prepared.

In August, it was August 24, and the city of Savannah was already in the middle of a blizzard.

The storm surge was so strong that it was going to cause flooding on the main roads, so the city was forced to make a few changes to how it was planning for a blizzard.

There was a mandatory evacuation order for the city, but because it was so extreme that it had to be extended until it was safely past the storm surge, it also required that the entire metro system be closed.

Savannah was just the first major metro area in the country to do that, and they were able to do it because the blizzard hadn’t come close enough to Savannah to cause an actual storm surge.

The metro shut down the entire city and sent people home.

It was the first time a major metro had done that.

And that was kind of a big deal.

It was something that was just unthinkable.

The big lesson from that was that the metro shut downs really worked because it didn’t have to happen in a big way.

The people who went home were so thankful.

The entire metro closed down.

The city got a nice night out.

The schools reopened.

And the next morning, people came back.

It turned out to be a little bit easier to prepare for the blizzards than they had expected.

People would go to a restaurant, and then a friend of mine would bring them home and they would make the most of the experience, and we would have the most fun.

We would have dinner, we would go on adventures, we’d have lots of fun, and just because we were so close to home, people didn’t feel like they had to go anywhere.

There were so many things going on, and there were so few barriers.

I think the lesson is really that, in order to prepare, you have have to start right at home.

You have to know how the system is operating, you’ve got to know where the storm is going to come from, and you’ve gotta be able to predict when the storm might be coming, and so that when you see it coming, you’re ready.

And so, we’ve got some really cool tools out there that you can use to help you prepare for what the storm could bring, because the way it works, you really have to anticipate.

That is so important to understanding how the systems works.

So, what’s a storm surge?

A storm surge is the surge that you get when a storm hits the coastline.

A storm that hits a place, it doesn’t matter how much water it’s coming from, you just don’t have enough to flood the whole coast.

So what you’re seeing in the flood maps and the storm gauges is that as the storm gets closer to you, the storm surges rise.

And as the wave hits the coast, it pushes the water up and pushes the ground further.

That means more water will be coming to the coast.

What’s a tidal surge?

What you’re actually seeing in a tidal wave is the water in the ocean that has been lifted up and pushed into the land by the storm.

And it’s very difficult to predict exactly what that wave will do, because you can only see the shape of the waves.

But if you look at a tide gauge, you can see that the tide is coming in from the east.

And the east is always on the upper edge of the tide gauge because that’s where the water is coming from.

So if the water starts coming from the west, it’s going to hit the east and it’ll push the water back toward the west.

And if you see the tide go back to the east, that means that the water has just come back from the ocean.

And we’ll call it a tidal tide.

If you look over the map of the Atlantic Ocean, you’ll see that you have a huge swell coming off the eastern edge of it.

That’s called a crest tide, because it comes in from above.

So what’s the problem with a storm?

A really big problem with storms is that they’re really

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