Jackson MS Weather: WGAL weather updates, weather and weather updates for Milwaukee

Mike Zajac has been doing a lot of writing on weather and meteorology, and he is also the author of the book “WGAL: Weather and Weather Updates for Milwaukee.”

The article below is his summary of the recent WGAP forecast.

(Note: Zajc also provides an extended forecast of what he expects will be a warm, humid and stormy weekend on Saturday, July 14th.)

WGAR-5 is now forecast to become a day with a high of 58°F and a low of 34°F, with a gust of 45 mph.

It will be very hot, with highs expected to be in the upper 80s.

The area will be dry.

As a result, there will be no rain this weekend, and we expect the next three days will be particularly dry.

The following is an updated forecast for Saturday, August 8th, from WGWV: A high of 57°F is forecast for the afternoon.

Winds will be light to moderate.

It is possible for a gusty upper level to develop.

The storm is expected to move into the lower 48-50 mph range.

Temperatures will be expected to stay below 65°F for the day and below 30°F by evening.

Winds are expected to moderate with gusts to 60 mph.

By morning, the high will drop to 32°F.

As of 11:20 a.m.

EDT, a high pressure is forecast in the eastern part of the state for Milwaukee.

The upper level of the system will pass over the city of Milwaukee and move into western and central Wisconsin.

There will be some weakening in the system, and the high may dip into the low 50s or even lower 60s.

Winds could be light, but the storm could move into Wisconsin with gusty winds and strong rain.

The system will then cross the Wisconsin River and continue into the state of Iowa.

The high will continue to rise to 30° by evening, with gustier winds and rain expected.

WGAM-5 will remain in the area, with winds at 30 mph, and heavy rain expected throughout the day.

WGWL-5A will remain at the edge of the Midwest for the next few days, with the forecast to remain dry for most of the day on Saturday.

WGPZ-5B will move into Minnesota by evening and will be followed by WGPW-5 by Sunday night.

WGHL-4 will move northward through northern Illinois on Saturday morning, with lows in the low to the mid-40s, and gusty to very light rain and gusts.

WGFV-4 is forecast to move southward across the upper Midwest on Saturday afternoon, with low to mid-20s winds, gusty and rain, and high to low temperatures.

The highest temperature is expected at the northern tip of the area.

WGGG-5 moves across the Midwestern states and the Midwest to the south on Saturday night.

The forecast is for moderate to high humidity with low temperatures in the mid to high 60s by morning.

WGUH-5 and WGAH-3 move into southeastern Illinois, with moderate to very high humidity and heavy rains.

The temperatures are expected near 70 degrees by morning, but rain could fall.

WGRG-3 moves southward through southern Iowa and western Kansas, and low to very low temperatures and gustier than usual winds.

It should be very dry, but gusty, heavy rain and strong wind will be possible.

WGAZ-3 and WAGZ-4 move into northern Minnesota, with very low to moderate humidity and gustless winds.

WAGG-4 moves into northwestern Minnesota and southern western Iowa.

Temperature is expected near 60 degrees by noon, with wind gusts of 30 mph.

WEGG-1 moves south through central Iowa and southern Minnesota, and a chance of rain possible.

The chance of heavy rain is about 15 percent, and winds are expected in the lower to mid 40s.

There is also a chance that gusty rain will be down to 10 percent.

WIGL-3 will move over northern Minnesota by afternoon, and it is forecasted to remain over the area until early evening.

WGVZ-2 and WGVH-1 move into eastern Iowa and northern Minnesota.

The two systems will continue their journey into Wisconsin over the weekend, with WGVW-2 moving southward and WGWW-1 moving northward.

The weather is forecast mostly for a very dry and warm weekend in the Midwest.

We will update this article throughout the weekend as we get more information.

The WGAT-5 forecast is below.

 Follow Mike Zabac on Twitter at @MikeZajac, and follow WGAB-TV at @WGAAB-2 on Twitter.

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