Why Seattle Weather Isn’t as Bad As You Think

The Washington metro area has a reputation for being the weather capital of the world, but what happens if the weather’s worse than expected?

That’s what’s happening to many people in the city.

On Tuesday, it was expected to be above 80 degrees.

That was still below normal, and the temperature was expected at the same time, but it was much lower.

It’s not just Washington.

Weather records show that it has been a little bit below average for the past couple of months, with an average high of 76 degrees.

The city has had an average low of 57 degrees, but on Monday the average temperature was 70 degrees.

A number of cities across the country, including New York and Chicago, have been below average in the past two months.

In the U.S., the average low for a day this month is 68 degrees.

Weather is becoming more extreme, and it’s making things harder for people to get to work and school.

As temperatures continue to dip, there’s a possibility that the state could see its first major winter storm since January.

The last major winter event in Washington was in 2009, when a blizzard swept through the state.

The storm killed at least 23 people.

That storm was so severe, it left some areas with snow and melted snow.

The National Weather Service has issued a winter storm watch in Washington for Monday, and if the snow continues to fall, the snow may be heavy enough to cause flash flooding.

The Washington state Department of Ecology said it will be sending crews to areas that have been under a snow advisory and will be preparing for snow.

Some communities in the region are still trying to get their cars and trucks ready.

In Seattle, there are also concerns about the snow melting in the streets and in homes.

Weather-related problems for many people could be a real problem in the months ahead.

In November, a tornado ripped through the Seattle area.

In May, a powerful storm hit the state, leaving many homes in ruins.

There’s been a lot of concern that these storms are getting worse, and we need to have a better plan.

This winter, the storms have been so bad, that the Department of Energy says the cost of fixing the damage is more than $3 billion.

The damage to homes has been significant, with millions of dollars spent on roads and water treatment plants.

A report from the Washington Department of Economic Development estimated that the cost for rebuilding could run into $8 billion.

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