How to spot storms in Sacramento

The Sacramento area could be hit by a powerful and potentially damaging storm, with the possibility of damaging winds, rain and possibly flash flooding, according to a forecaster.

In a blog post Friday, Mike Gillett of Weather Underground wrote that a low pressure system is forecast to move over the Bay Area through Friday.

The system is currently located over the San Joaquin Valley, and Gillet warned it could make landfall along the coastline of the Central Valley.

The storm is expected to move through California’s Central Valley late Saturday, Gillets forecast said.

Gillett said the storm will move northwest into northern California with gusts of up to 50 mph.

Storms can hit the Sacramento area between Sunday and Wednesday.

Gillest said the forecast calls for rain and flash flooding.

He noted that a series of storms over the past month have resulted in flooding and destruction in the Central Coast region.

This storm could potentially cause a catastrophic storm surge and cause the flooding in Sacramento, Gillest wrote. 

According to Gilletti, the storm could bring some damaging wind gusts and heavy rain that could create a mudslide on the Sacramento River.

The storm is forecasted to dump up to 20 inches of rain in a few hours, according the forecast.

It is also expected to bring gusts up to 60 mph and create some rain that can cause flash flooding in parts of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, according Gillettes forecast.

Gail Capp, a weather specialist at the National Weather Service, said in a statement that the storm is possible, but not expected to cause major damage.

“This system is expected in the Bay and the Central Basin,” Capp said.

“This system will likely be a mix of tropical cyclones and some low-level storms, including a small hurricane.

It could be a little less intense than the ones we’ve had before, but will likely have a lot of damaging wind.”

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