Which Texas cities are hotter than Austin?

The weather has been terrible, but at least the heat doesn’t linger.

Temperatures in Texas have been averaging well above 80 degrees Fahrenheit since Monday, according to the National Weather Service, which means we are at the peak of our summer heat wave.

And that’s because of the fact that we’re all still in Texas.

A lot of Texas weather is still going on and most of the state is still dry.

But some areas, like Austin, have seen temperatures spike.

So, we have to ask ourselves, which Texas cities have been hotter than we are right now?

A few cities have seen extreme heat wave-like conditions.

Here are five of the worst.


Austin, Texas The heat has been so intense that many residents are evacuating to escape the city.

The city is just about a half-hour north of Houston and sits at the center of the region’s largest metro area.

At the end of July, the average temperature in Austin was 95 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a little above the heat index we typically associate with Austin.

A few months ago, the city was in a very different place.

According to the Weather Underground, Austin was experiencing its second-hottest June since 2003.

In April, it topped 100 degrees, which was just a few degrees hotter than it was on Friday.

Austin is still not far from Houston, but the city has experienced a significant cooling trend.

As of late, many residents in Austin have been living in their cars, often parked in neighborhoods and parking lots.

Some have also been using heat pumps to fight the heat.

This image from the Weather Channel shows Austin at the top of its heat wave, showing the city’s record-breaking heat on Aug. 2.


Lubbock, Texas It has also been the hottest city in Texas in recent months.

The average temperature for the state was 97.3 degrees Fahrenheit on Aug, 13, according the Weather.com.

Lubbock is just south of Austin and sits just west of the U.S. highway 290 corridor.

Its average temperature was 100 degrees Fahrenheit and the city is one of the hottest places in the country, according an August 2016 Weather.tv report.

The city has been experiencing record-setting heat waves in recent weeks, including one in late April when it was at a whopping 107 degrees, according a January 2017 article in The Houston Chronicle.

There is also a lot of heat in the air right now.

L.A. has been hit with record-high temperatures.

According the Weather, the City of Angels recorded its third-warmest January-July average on record on Thursday, with temperatures reaching 98.6 degrees.


San Antonio, Texas A lot more people have moved into Austin this summer than were previously moving into the city, according, the Weather News.

The number of people moving into Austin is up about 200,000, according The Weather.

The City of Austin has experienced record-shattering heat waves this summer, including a heat wave that was so intense it made people flee the city and people have also reported being burned by the heat wave as they were escaping.


San Marcos, Texas The average heat index in San Marcos is 96 degrees, with the city at the very top of the list.

The hottest temperatures in the city on Wednesday were a whopping 96.5 degrees, The San Marcos Independent reported.


Laredo, Texas There is a lot going on in Laredos backyard, according To WKOB.

The Laredoan Daily News reported that Laredoes average temperature is now at 100 degrees.

A recent high of 106.5 was recorded on July 26, according.

Listed in third-highest spot in the state for temperatures in June.

The most recent record was 107.8 degrees on June 28.

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