How to survive a hurricane in New York City

How to Survive a Hurricane in New Jersey article How To Survive a Hurricanes In New York – New York article HowTo Survive a hurricane In New Jersey – New Jersey New York New York, USA – October 16, 2019How to Survive A Hurricane in Manhattan – New Yorkers, USA How To survive a Hurricane In Manhattan – NY New York NYC, USA New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is on his way to visit hurricane survivors in New Yorker’s flood ravaged New York and will be joined by Governor Andrew Cuomo and other New York State leaders for a summit at the Governor’s Mansion.

In New York Governor Andrew, Mayor Bill, New York’s Governor, Governor Andrew is scheduled to visit the New York Harbor after Hurricane Sandy, in the city that suffered the most flooding in the country.

Governor Andrew will also discuss the devastation from Hurricane Maria. 

“I want to thank Governor Andrew for his leadership in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy,” de Blasio said.

“He is a true leader.

He is an inspiration to all of us.”

De Blasio also said the governor will be making a personal appeal for help in New Yorkers’ flood-ravaged New York.

De Blasio will meet Governor Andrew in the Governor`s Mansion on Tuesday, October 18 at 1 p.m. at the Presidential Suite.

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