Washington, DC to receive more rain for the first time in six years

Washington, D.C. — Washington, where the Capital Weather Gang is predicting a heavy, hot and dry winter, is expected to receive much more precipitation this week than usual for the nation’s capital.

The Capital Weather Group says the city will get more than a foot of rain in just the first three hours of Wednesday, and an additional 3.2 inches across a swath from downtown to the northern edge of the city by early Friday morning.

The rainfall forecast for Wednesday includes a peak of 6 inches from the northern suburbs and a potential range of 6.5 to 8.5 inches from areas near the Beltway to the eastern seaboard.

Washington, which typically receives between 5 to 6 inches of rain per year, will receive a peak average of about 5.2 to 6.3 inches, the weather service said.

The National Weather Service in Boulder, Colorado, will see the most rain and snowfall for the area in more than three weeks.

That area is expected as much as 8 inches.

The forecast includes a mix of heavy rain and hail, as well as thunderstorms and snow.

Rainfall will be heavier for the Capital from the southern half of the District to the southern part of the Belt.

The heaviest rainfall will fall in areas near downtown, according to the Weather Service, and from the western end of the county to the west.

Widespread, dangerous winds will be possible, with gusts up to 50 mph in some parts of the region, according the weather agency.

Heavy rain is expected throughout much of the country Wednesday night and into Thursday, the Weather Center said.

Parts of central and southern Florida will see up to 3 inches of snow.

Parts of southern Ohio and northern Indiana are also expected to see snow, and parts of eastern Texas are expected to get a little more snow.

In many parts of northern Virginia, snow will start falling Thursday night.

In many parts and places, however, the snow will not fall at all.

The Capital Weather Team and other meteorologists will continue to monitor the weather for the rest of the week.

The forecast also indicates that parts of western Wisconsin will see some snow in the morning, possibly by the afternoon.

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