How much rain is forecast this week?

A record number of days are forecast to fall this week across much of the Southeast, with more rain forecast for much of Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi and Arkansas.

As of Wednesday, the forecast calls for about 14 inches of rain in Mississippi, the second-most rain on record.

By Thursday, that total could rise to about 23 inches, with as much as 28 inches in Mississippi.

By Friday, that could reach nearly 44 inches.

The number of rainfall-free days across the Southeast is the second highest on record, with the previous record being 18 days.

The region also has the fourth-highest annual total for the entire year at about 8.1 inches, according to the National Weather Service.

By comparison, the average annual total is 1.7 inches in the Midwest.

The heavy rains are part of the latest phase of Tropical Storm Debby, which has already dumped more than a foot of rain over portions of Tennessee and Alabama.

The storms brought severe flooding and mudslides, including a landslide in southern Arkansas.

Debby also caused flooding and road closures in parts of Alabama and Mississippi.

The storms have been blamed for at least some of the damage.

The National Weather Services warned that the damage could cost at least $4 billion in damages.

On Wednesday, Debby made landfall on the Gulf of Mexico, making landfall in the Houston area.

The storm moved northwest toward the Texas coast, and a mandatory evacuation order was issued for parts of Arkansas.

By Thursday morning, Debbys storm surge reached more than 15 feet.

By Saturday, Debbys total potential inundation surpassed the total rainfall, which is nearly 12 inches.

Debby was forecast to track north-northwest over the next few days, bringing heavy rain and strong winds across much in the Southeast.

That’s not expected to be the case by Sunday, the weather service said.

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