WASHINGTON (AFP) — Arlington, the city where President Donald Trump and his family are vacationing, has welcomed a new authority to help manage its water resources.

The Arlington Water Authority, headed by retired Lt.

Gen. Mark Kelly, will operate from its new headquarters at the National War Memorial, which is part of the capital’s downtown.

It will be led by a chief of staff who has extensive experience in the U.S. military, a top military official said.

The new authority will also coordinate with the U:W., the federal agency responsible for managing the federal water resources, which oversees all drinking and irrigation projects in the nation’s capital.

The water authority is already responsible for the management of Arlington’s sewer system, but it will be the first federal agency in the United States to oversee the use of the Arlington River as a waterway.

Kelly will also be the chief of the U.:W., which has the sole authority to manage the water rights of the river.

He is also the chief scientist for the Water Board, the federal government agency that manages the water of the nation.

“This is a historic occasion, and I know that Arlingtonians are thrilled to finally be able to work together,” Kelly said in a statement on Wednesday.

“It is an honor to serve with the Water and Water Board and look forward to working with the people of Arlington.”

Kelly, a former Marine Corps general, was confirmed as the nation`s top commander for the fight against climate change in January.

He was nominated by Trump to head the water authority.

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