WATCH: The Latest: Hurricane Florence moves inland as it approaches New York

Hurricane Florence has now passed into New York City.

The eye of the storm has weakened to the point that it can no longer make landfall on the East Coast.

It’s expected to make landfall in the New York metropolitan area by Thursday evening.

However, as of 7:30am on Wednesday, the eye of Florence had retreated towards the coast of the United States.

New York Gov.

Andrew Cuomo declared a state of emergency and declared a “state of emergency” for the New Jersey suburbs and parts of the New England region.

It is expected that the eye will continue to move inland and into the New Orleans area and that it could make landfall there by Thursday morning.

Florence will be the third Category 5 storm to hit New York in 2017.

On the East coast, a severe storm warning has been issued for parts of New York, New Jersey and Long Island, while a hurricane warning for parts in Connecticut has been lifted.

In New Jersey, a storm warning for Long Island is also being lifted.

However in the coastal New England, a tropical storm warning is in effect.

“Forecasters expect Florence to become a Category 4 hurricane with sustained winds of 100mph (180km/h) by Friday morning,” the National Hurricane Center said in a statement on Thursday.

“This is an extremely challenging situation for the coastal areas.

Our focus is to make sure people are prepared and are not in immediate danger.”

On Thursday, US President Donald Trump was reported to have tweeted that “there is a strong possibility of Hurricane Florence making landfall in New York and other parts of our great nation tomorrow night.”

He added that “a big, big storm is coming in.”

“The storm will probably stay a Category 2 for a while,” said Patrick Rettig, an expert at the US National Hurricane Centre.

“But there’s no telling how strong it is.

I mean, it’s just a matter of time before we see it.”

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said he had “no choice” but to declare a state-of-emergency.

“We have to prepare ourselves for what’s happening and for the potential impacts,” he said.

“Our state has declared a State of Emergency because of the threat to our communities and the people in our towns and cities.”

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has also ordered a state emergency to be declared for parts to New York State, the New Haven Register reported.

A storm warning was also issued for the Atlantic Ocean off the coast east of Cape May, New York.

The US National Weather Service said that “it’s looking like Florence will move inland into the US”.

Florence was a Category 5 hurricane in December 2017 and was expected to pass the Florida Panhandle on Thursday night.

It was originally a category 1 storm, the highest category on the hurricane scale, when it hit the Bahamas in December.

At the time, the National Weather Services said that Florence was moving toward the Atlantic coast and could make a landfall there in a few hours.

But it is expected to be a tropical depression.

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