Arizona wildfires still burning, but forecast is a tad optimistic


– It was a slow-burning, blustery morning in the foothills of the Grand Canyon in Southern Arizona, and the sun was shining.

The temperature was hovering around 45 degrees.

It was also the day of the wildfires.

But for many people, the sun is out, the clouds are high and the air is still very humid.

A fire in the canyon could soon become a national tragedy, as thousands of acres of land burned across Arizona, California and Nevada.

In the days leading up to the blaze, the U.S. Forest Service warned that the fire was already affecting the state of Arizona, which has more than 5 million people.

But on Saturday morning, as the flames continued to burn, the agency said the fires were contained.

“At this time, there is no indication that the wildfire is spreading,” the agency tweeted.

It did not give a timeline for when the fire could be contained, but said the fire had been contained.

The National Weather Service forecast issued on Saturday said the high temperature in Phoenix, Arizona, could climb to 60 degrees.

But the agency did not say how high the temperature would be in the mountains or what time of day it would be.

The fire could spread to the south of Phoenix, but officials said the risk of a fire in or around Mount St. Helens, a popular tourist destination, was not expected to increase.

It could burn through more land in Southern California, but authorities there said the threat of a wildfire was limited to a few small areas.

The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection issued a weather alert Saturday afternoon that warned people to stay inside and not to venture out into the fire zone.

Officials advised people to seek medical attention if they were concerned about respiratory issues.

The wildfires in Arizona and California are still burning.

Officials said Saturday they were still working to assess the extent of damage.

But Arizona Gov.

Doug Ducey declared a state of emergency in Arizona, the state’s largest.

The wildfire danger was still far from over.

Duceys office had already issued an evacuation order for parts of Arizona’s western border with New Mexico, where wildfires had been burning for weeks.

Arizona is one of the state with the most severe wildfire threats, according to the National Weather Services.

There are currently more than 6,700 wildfires burning in the state, with the state having more than 8,000 active fires.

In addition to the Arizona fires, officials said there were fires in California and Oregon as well.

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