Live weather radar shows Kansas weather, including storm warnings

Ars Technicom Live News reporter Mike Masnick writes that the live weather radar that Ars Technics’ Alex Liss-Riordan saw at the Kansas City Star, which shows a live feed of the Kansas city and metro areas, shows that there are two large thunderstorms in the forecast for today: one to the south, and another to the north.

Masnick reports that the forecast is not very warm and is showing the most intense thunderstorms.

But the weather is getting cooler.

The tornado watch for Kansas is in effect for tonight, with an outer zone of danger around midnight (6:00 p.m.

ET) and a risk of damaging winds and damaging gusts.

The storm will be strong enough to affect several counties and will bring tornadoes and hail.

The weather could bring some rain and flash flooding to some parts of the state.

There is also a possibility of a tornado forming near a large lake in central Kansas.

The tornado watch is in place for most of the Plains and Central plains, but a tornado warning is in force for the mountains.

The warning for parts of central and eastern Kansas is a 1 to 3 in-degree risk.

If you live in Kansas, and want to keep up with the latest tornado warnings and tornado activity, check out Ars Technick’s tornado map.

We also have some great weather updates for you.

Stay tuned for the latest information from our colleagues in Kansas.

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