What is the weather like in Georgia this weekend?

It’s a sunny, sunny Sunday in Georgia, but you wouldn’t know it from the weather forecast: an early start to the day with some sunny skies and a cool breeze.

The first forecast to come through the National Weather Service’s office in Augusta, Georgia was for a sunny afternoon with high winds of up to 65 mph. 

The weather service said the winds would continue to be “low” with a gust of 60 mph or more, so be prepared for a heavy downpour.

“It’s a good day for the forecast, it’s a rainy day, it has a nice temperature, it will be a little bit of a windy day, but there’s nothing to be worried about,” said meteorologist Eric Deering.

The next forecast to be issued was for an early afternoon with winds of 70 mph and a gusting breeze of 60 to 70 mph.

The weather service warned that the high winds could continue to develop over the next couple of hours, so watch for wind gusts as high as 70 mph, gusts of up 70 mph to 75 mph and gusts up to 80 mph.

A second forecast issued from the Weather Service in Atlanta was for what the weather service described as a “moderate” sunny afternoon.

The forecast said the afternoon will get slightly cooler and will have some sunny days with wind gust levels of up 20 to 25 mph, but the gusts will not be as strong as the ones issued from Augusta. 

“We are seeing the early morning in the forecast so you might be able to see some sunshine on some sunny areas and we’ll see the rain starting to fall and the gusty winds in the afternoon,” said Weather Service meteorologist Mike Sturgess.

“A few hours ago we had a strong, heavy rain and it was a nice warm day so it’s still possible to see sunshine, but not as much as yesterday.”

The next day forecast to arrive through the Weather Office in Atlanta is for a cool afternoon with highs in the 60s with a light breeze.

The low-pressure system will remain in the area for a couple of days.

“We’ll see some more rain and a little windy over the weekend, but it won’t be as intense as yesterday,” Sturgesses said.

A forecast issued by the National Hurricane Center in Miami earlier in the week said it would move through the Gulf of Mexico over the Gulf Coast.

“The forecast for Sunday afternoon is a sunny day with winds in excess of 75 mph,” said Phil Klassen, the center’s hurricane specialist.

“It is likely to bring some rain to coastal areas, particularly along the Georgia coast.”© 2018 Cox Media Group.

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