When is the hottest weather you will see in California?

The weather is changing, the sky is getting darker, and Californians are beginning to get anxious.

And if they do, they’re going to be looking at their wallets.

Here are a few of the most eye-catching days to look out for this week:Tuesday, Sept. 15: A high of about 45 degrees will hit in Riverside and San Bernardino counties, where temperatures could reach into the 40s in the coming hours.

The sun will be shining again by Sunday night, so expect to see even cooler skies.

Tuesday, September 22: A low of around 40 degrees is expected in the San Gabriel Mountains, where winds will be blowing through the area with temperatures expected to dip below the 30s by Monday night.

The high of 40 degrees would be just enough to freeze most of the region, but it would be the warmest overnight in nearly two years.

The last time the region saw that much cold, in May, was March 2016.

Sunday, Sept 20: A cold front will sweep across the San Joaquin Valley and Pacific Northwest, where a high of 27 degrees is forecast.

That low is the highest in the last 15 years, according to the National Weather Service.

The cold front, which could be as low as 27 degrees, is expected to make its way through the region by the end of the day.

It will pass over the San Francisco Bay area by Monday morning, making for some very cool temperatures and possibly some snow.

Sunday’s forecast looks more promising for temperatures on Monday than it does for the last time in more than a decade.

The forecast is even more positive for precipitation, as much as 60 inches of rain are expected.

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